Construction Casualty

Novus Underwriters’ Construction Division can assist in placing your clients’ construction risks. We can assist in quoting your clients’ Commercial General Liability and Completed Operations Liability coverages on an occurrence or claims-made coverage form. Novus has access to many liability and casualty markets and can assist in over 400+ different contractor class codes for both general and artisan contractors.

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Classes of Business Available:

Commercial Construction:

  • General Contractors
  • Artisan Subcontractors
  • Owner Interest Policies
  • Project Specific Policies
  • Wrap Ups
  • Hundreds of Others Classes!

Residential Construction:

  • General Contractors
  • Artisan Subcontractors
  • Owner Interest
  • Project
  • Nearly all trades eligible
  • Custom Home Builders
  • Hundreds of Others Classes!

Railroad Construction:

  • Rail Contractors
  • Railroad Protective Liability
  • Railroad Protective Liability
  • Excursion Liability
  • Contingent Liability for Railcar Lessors Risk
  • Projects
  • Wrap

Sample Classes:

  • Asbestos/Lead Abatement Contractors
  • Blasting Contractors
  • Bridge/Highway Contractors
  • Condo/Townhome/Trace New Construction
  • Carpentry
  • Cell Tower
  • Concrete Construction
  • Custom Home Builders
  • Demolition
  • Drilling & Horizontal Boring
  • Drywall, Plastering, Insulation Work
  • Electrical Work
  • Elevator Installation/Service/Repair
  • Excavating and Grading
  • Fence Installation
  • Fire/Water/Smoke Damage Restoration’
  • Fire Sprinkler Contractors
  • Foundation Repair, Shoring, Underpinning, Pile Driving, HVAC Including Sheet Metal, Refrigeration
  • Lawn Service/Landscaping
  • Masonry
  • Millwrights
  • Painting/Paper Hanging
  • Plumbing
  • Remodeling Contractors
  • Residential EIFS Contractors
  • Roofers
  • Sand and Gravel Haulers
  • Solar Energy Contractors
  • Street & Road Contractors
  • Structural & Non-structural Metal Erection
  • Swimming Pool Construction
  • Water/Sewer/Gas
  • Waste Haulers
  • Waterproofing
  • Window Cleaners
  • Hundreds of other classes!

Policy Endorsements Available: Few underwriting restrictions; ISO Occurrence and Claims-Made Coverage forms available; Per Job or Policy Endorsements; Primary/Non-contributory wording Endorsements; Blanket Additional Insured Endorsements; Blanket Waiver of Subrogation, Hired and Non-Owned Auto (supported and unsupported); And Others

Sublimits Available: Contractor’s Site Pollution; Employee Benefits Liability; Swimming Pool Pop-Up; Subsidence Limitation; Pesticide/Herbicide Application Coverage; Landscape & Arborists Physical Damage; Per Project Aggregate; Lost Key Coverage; Additional Insured for Job Owners; Special Property Coverage (CCC)*

*Sublimits are not available for each carrier, and each carrier may or may not have a particular endorsement

Submission Requirements: Accord Forms; Loss Runs; Supplemental Application,

Submission Process: Via online underwriting platform or

London Submissions: To access the International London market for larger firms and on a quota share basis, please submit to

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