Novus Underwriters is one of the preeminent Managing General Underwriters and Wholesale Brokerages giving unparalleled access to both the domestic and international environmental markets. We offer our agencies direct access to a broad range of admitted and non-admitted enviromental products.

We are proud of the service, products, and stability we offer our agents and brokers. Our ability to navigate the marketplace both domestically and internationally provides our brokerage partners the best product in the market and to comfortably look to Novus as a go-to MGA and Wholesaler with respect to their environmental needs. We specialize in the small to the largest insureds in the world.

Below you will see a few of partner carrier offerings on both an Admitted and Non-Admitted basis.

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Environmental Packages

Novus can arrange bespoke state-of-the-art flexible package policies structured to meet the needs of your clients. Our policy brings together many lines of coverages under one policy form or can arrange separate policies broken down by product line.

Premises Environmental Coverage

Novus can assist in a broad range of classes and appetite as it relates to your premises environmental submissions.

Lender Environmental Collateral Program

Through Novus’ US and London offices, we have placed a large number of lender environmental collateral protection policies that are designed to protect lenders in the event of a loan default due to environmental contamination.

Restoration Contractors

Novus has several markets specializing in Restoration Contractors.

Storage Tank Environmental Program

Novus has several brokerage markets to assist in the placement of your clients’ storage tanks. Let us assist in the placement!